BIM BEAVER read IFC files, and display it as a 3D model, and inspect properties. And create or modify instances and create things for architecture. BIM BEAVER read IFC files written by other BIM software like Revit, Archicad and so forth. BIM BEAVER support IFC format 2×3, and 4BIM BEAVER is a freeware.

About IFC file

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model is intended to describe building and construction industry data.

It is a platform neutral, open file format specification that is not controlled by a single vendor or group of vendors. It is an object-based file format with a data model developed by buildingSMART (formerly the International Alliance for Interoperability, IAI) to facilitate interoperability in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, and is a commonly used collaboration format in Building information modeling (BIM) based projects. The IFC model specification is open and available.[1] It is registered by ISO and is an official International Standard ISO 16739-1:2018.


Feature list

  • Read IFC files.
  • Create New IFC files.
  • Write IFC files.
  • Modify IFC files.
    • Modify entities.
    • Create entities.
    • Delete entities.
    • Undo/Redo
  • Add building components
    • Add Sites
    • Add Buildings
    • Add Building Stories
    • Add Grids
  • Add management information
    • Hyper-Link
  • Viewer.
    • Zoom, Pan, Rotate.
    • Orthogonal, Perspective.
    • Fit building all.
    • Zoom building structure.
    • Animate viewing operation.
    • Show or Hide building structure.
    • Change 3D graphics after modifying geometric attributes.
    • Show Properties in Tree view.
    • Shade mode.(Solid, Translucent, Wireframe)
    • Filter
  • Create View
    • Plan View
    • Elevation View
    • Section View
  • Export.
    • STL file.
    • OBJ file.
    • FBX file.
    • Image files(PNG, gif, jpeg, bmp) .
    • CSV file( quantity, search).
  • Quantity take-off(Name, Stories, Length, Area, Volume, and so on.).
    • Window.
    • Door.
    • Column.
    • Slab.
    • Wall.
    • Beam.
    • Footing.
    • Reinforcing Bar.
  • Search.
    • Property Set.
    • Hyper Links
  • Display information
    • Display IFC Headers
  • IFC explore.
  • Measure Commands
    • ID Command (2.1.0New!)
    • Dist Command (2.1.0New!)
    • Angle Command(2.1.0New!)
  • Assistance for inputing coordinate values
    • Object snap(2.1.0New!)
    • Polar tracking(2.1.0New!)
    • Object snap tracking(2.1.0New!)


  • May 13th, 2019 Release BIM BEAVER(1.0)
  • May 25th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.1)
  • Jun 2nd 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.2)
  • Jun 9th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.3)
  • Jun 22th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.4)
  • Jun 28th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.5)
  • July 6th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.5.1)
  • July 23th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.6)
  • Aug 10th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.6.1)
  • Jan 27th 2020 Update BIM BEAVER(1.7)
  • Feb. 7th 2020 Update BIM BEAVER(1.8)
  • Feb. 9th 2020 Update BIM BEAVER(1.8.1)
  • Feb. 25th 2020 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.0)
  • Feb. 27th 2020 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.1)
  • Mar. 4th 2020 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.2)
  • Apr. 21th 2020 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.3)
  • May. 13th 2020 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.4)
  • May. 24th 2020 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.5)
  • Jan. 2nd 2021 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.6)
  • Apr. 4th 2021 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.7)
  • Apr. 15th 2021 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.8)
  • Jun. 14th 2021 Update BIM BEAVER(1.9.9)
  • Aug. 9th 2021 Update BIM BEAVER(2.0.0)
  • Nov. 6th 2021 Update BIM BEAVER(2.0.1)
  • Nov. 14th 2021 Update BIM BEAVER(2.0.2)
  • Nov. 21th 2021 Update BIM BEAVER(2.0.3)
  • Nov. 28th 2021 Update BIM BEAVER(2.0.4)
  • Jan. 23th 2022 Update BIM BEAVER(2.1.0)


Sample IFC files(‘Open IFC Model Repository’).

BIM BEAVER uses icons8. icons

2.1.0 Released

Measure commands(ID, Dist, Angle) added.

The application will provide more functions as commads from version 2.1.0.

ID Command

Display the coordinate values of a specified location in the model view.

Dist Command

Measure the distance between two points in the model view.

Angle Command

Measure the angle between two lines in the model view.

Coordinate Values

When the commands require you for a coordinate value (x, y and z) you can respond by pointing in the model window or input coordinate values in the command window.

Object snaps

The Object snap provides precise coordinate values for the drawing objects near the mouse point in the model view.

The application provides End, Near, Mid, Center, Perpendicular, Tangent, Quadrant, Surface and Intersection snaps.

Polar tracking

The Polar tracking provides way to input correctly coordinate values along with polar lines.

Object snap tracking

The Object snap tracking provides way to input correctly coordinate values along with vertical and horizontal lines from object snap points.

2.0.3 Released

1)The bottleneck of rendering was removed and rendering speed approximately doubled than the previous.

I found it that the some type of drawing lines in OpenGL was very slow.
The application used the VBO objects and called the following OpenGL command to draw lines. It was the bottleneck. I had to use glPolygonMode to draw polygon edges.

::glDrawArrays(GL_LINE_STRIP, i, size);

2) I put new tabs in the ribbon bar because there was no room for putting on new command buttons.

The Home Tab

The View Tab

The IFC Tab

The Option Tab

2.0.2 Released

A bug was fixed in the application regarding to 3D view. The program had to release GDI objects at the end of rendering, but the program hadn’t released the GDI objects. It couses the slowdowns on the rendering and the application finally shutdown. (The GDI object is programing term. it’s represent rendering resouces.)

I embeded the bug unintetionally when I repeatedly had refined the program structure.

2.0.0 Released

  1. Undo/Redo command
  1. Removed derived attributes from property window

I noteced that the derived attributes displayed in the property window. I removed them from the window because I can’t deal with them properly. There are a myriad rurles.

1.9.9 Released

Add Filter Command

You can pick up objects what you want by the Filter command. You can select them by types and floors.

Window select

You can select multiple elements at once by enclosing visual objects in the view.

1.9.8 Released

I implemented shade mode. You can choose three types of shade mode, solid, translucent, and wireframe.


1.9.7 Released

The beaver implemented section views. You can create a plan, elevation or section view.




The section view can slice the model by an arbitrary section plane.

1.9.6 Released

Add Arch panel

Add Arch panel in the ‘Home’ tab.

Add Site

Add a new IfcSite instance. Select an IfcProject instance and input Name and press button ‘OK’.

Add Building

Add a new IfcBuilding instance. Select an IfcSite instance and input Name and GL(Ground level) and Press button ‘OK’.

Add Grid

Add a new IfcGrid instance. Select IfcBuiding instance and IfcBuildingStorey Instances and input parameters about grids and press button ‘OK’.

              Name                 Grid name

              X directions       Positions for X direction

              Y directions        Positions for Y direction

              X Label                Labels for X direction.

              Y Label                Labels for Y direction.

              Origin                  Origin for grid

              Angle                   Angle for grid

Display IFC Headers

Display header sections in the IFC file.

Add Window Panel

Add window panel in the ‘Home’ tab.

Cascade Window

Stack child windows in the main frame.

TitleVert Window

Tile vertically windows in the main frame.


Tile horizontally windows in the main frame.