Version 2.5.1

Delete Command


The “Delete Command” in the application allows users to permanently remove or delete selected objects from the model. This command provides a way to eliminate unwanted or unnecessary elements within the model.

Here is an explanation of how the “Delete Command” is typically used:

  1. Select Objects: Begin by selecting the objects or elements that you want to delete. This can be done by clicking on the objects in the application’s view or by using a specific selection method provided by the application.

  2. Access the “Delete” Command: Locate and activate the “Delete” command, which is often accessible through the toolbar, ribbon bar, or menu of the application. Alternatively, you may use a keyboard shortcut assigned to the “Delete” function.

  3. Delete the Objects: Once the deletion is confirmed, the application will permanently remove the selected objects from the model view. The deleted objects will no longer be visible or included in any operations within the drawing or model.

The “Delete Command” provides users with the capability to remove unwanted or redundant elements, helping to declutter the drawing or model and maintain a clean and organized workspace.

By selecting objects and executing the “Delete” command, users can effectively eliminate undesired elements and refine the composition of the model, enhancing the accuracy, clarity, and efficiency of their work within the application.

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