Version 2.5.1

CommandList Command


The “CommandList Command” in the application allows users to access a list of available commands within the application. This command provides a convenient way to explore and discover commands by entering the keyword “?” in the prompt window.


Here is an explanation of how the “CommandList Command” is typically used:

  1. Open the Prompt Window: In the application, open the prompt window where commands are entered. This window is often located at the bottom or top of the application’s interface.

  2. Enter the “?” Keyword: In the prompt window, enter the keyword “?” and press Enter or the designated key to execute the command.

  3. View the Command List: Upon entering “?”, the application will display a list of available commands. This list typically includes the command names, and in some cases, additional information such as shortcuts or descriptions may be provided.

  4. Select a Command: From the displayed command list, users can scroll through the options or use search functionality to find the desired command.

The “CommandList Command” with the “?” keyword provides users with a quick and accessible way to access the command list within the application. By using this command, users can easily navigate and discover available commands, making it convenient to explore and utilize the various functionalities provided by the software.



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