Version 2.5.1

Dist Command


The “Dist Command” in a CAD application allows users to measure the distance between two points within the drawing or model.


Here is a description of how the “Dist Command” is typically used:

  1. Select the Start Point: Begin by selecting the starting point from which you want to measure the distance. This can be done by clicking on the desired point in the 2D or 3D view of the CAD application.

  2. Select the End Point: After selecting the start point, proceed to select the end point to which you want to measure the distance. Similar to the start point, click on the desired point in the application’s view.

  3. Measure the Distance: Once both the start and end points are selected, the application will calculate and display the distance between them. The measured distance is typically provided in the unit of measurement defined within the application or based on the current drawing settings.

The “Dist Command” provides a simple and effective way for users to obtain accurate measurements between two points in the application. It facilitates tasks such as dimensioning, spatial analysis, or verifying distances within the drawing or model.

By following the usage instructions of selecting the start and end points, users can quickly and efficiently measure the distance between the two specified locations, enhancing their precision and accuracy in working with the application.

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