1.9.6 Released

Arch panel

Arch panel in the ‘Home’ tab.


Add a new IfcSite instance. Select an IfcProject instance and input Name and press button ‘OK’.

Add Building

Add a new IfcBuilding instance. Select an IfcSite instance and input Name and GL(Ground level) and Press button ‘OK’.


Add Grid

Add a new IfcGrid instance. Select IfcBuiding instance and IfcBuildingStorey Instances and input parameters about grids and press button ‘OK’.

              Name                 Grid name

              X directions       Positions for X direction

              Y directions        Positions for Y direction

              X Label                Labels for X direction.

              Y Label                Labels for Y direction.

              Origin                  Origin for grid

              Angle                   Angle for grid

Display IFC Headers

Display header sections in the IFC file.

Add Window Panel

Add window panel in the ‘Home’ tab.

Cascade Window

Stack child windows in the main frame.

Title Vert Window

Tile vertically windows in the main frame.

Tile Hor

Tile horizontally windows in the main frame.

Version 1.9.5 Released.

1). The bug fixed relating to IfcStyledItem.
The application couldn’t display walls by the specified color.

2). Added Hyperlink command.

Relate hyperlinks with instances. Select instances. and press button ‘HyperLink’ . Input hyperlinks in the dialog. You can specify multiple hyperlinks to the selected instances.

Press the ‘Open’ button after selecting one of the links in the list. the application will open the hyperlink.

Please use the ‘Search’ command if you want to confirm all hyperlinks in the IFC file.

You can search all hyperlinks in the IFC file by the Hyperlink tab.
Please just press the ‘OK’ button, then you can see a list of them.
The Beaver creates a property set to relate hyperlink with structural elements in the IFC file when you use the ‘Hyperlink’ command.
The search command searches the property set.

3.) Fixed to deal with ‘Select type’ in the property window.

Change types of the ‘Select type’. Please press the option. And then you can see a ‘Change a select type’ dialog.
You can select a type by the combo box. If you select an entity type by the combo box, The ‘Create’ button and the ‘Select’ button become active. If you want to create a new instance, please press the ‘Create’ button. You will see ‘Add new instance’ dialog to select an entity type. If you want to select an existing instance in the file, press the ‘Select’ button. After displaying the ‘IFC explore’ dialog, please select an instance that you want.

4.) The bug fixed relating to redraw.

The application had crashed when you change geometrical property in the property window relating to the Boolean operation.

5.) The bug fixed for the ‘LOGICAL’ type in the property window.

There is a ‘LOGICAL’ type in the IFC specification. The type can express ‘TRUE’, ‘FALSE’, and ‘UNKNOWN’. The application couldn’t deal with the type in the property window.

1.9.4 Released.

1. New IFC file command.

Create a new IFC file.

2. Delete command.

Delete selected instances.

3. Add an Insntace command.

Create a new IFC instance. You can see the Add instance dialog. Select an entity type name and input the number of instances and press button ‘OK’.

4. Bug fixed to display IfcBooleanResult.

The application didn’t display the IfcBooleanResult (The IfcBooleanResult is base-type of IfcBooleanClippingResult. the application just had dealt with the latter.

5. Add a new building story command.

Add a new storey. Right-click IfcBuilding node to show the menu and click menu ‘Add storey’. In the Add Story dialog, input level and press button ‘OK’.

6. Fixed a bug regarding to writing aggregate attributes.

The application had a problem to write aggregate attributes. In detail, The application incremented values of an array and saved.

7.Changed how to display Entity name.

The application had displayed the entity name as the lower cases. It was difficult to read. Now Entity names are displayed as the camel cases.

ifcwallstandardcase —> IfcWallStandardCase

In 1.9.3 Fixed to change 3D graphics as you change geometric properties.

The application changes 3D graphics immediately as you change geometric properties. For example, If you change a location property of an IfcLocalplacement, the application change a position of a structure like a column, a wall, and so on. And if you change a depth property of a IfcExtrudedAreaSolid of a column, the application lengthen or shorten the column.

In 1.9.3 Add options for the CSV export command.

You can designate a separate character (comma or tab) and quotation (“, ‘ or nil) by the option dialog.

In 1.9.0 Save IFC file command added.

You can save an IFC file that you opened and modified by clicking the ‘Save(S)’ or ‘Saveas'(A)’ command in the main ribbon bar. (You can’t delete structures yet. Also, the BEAVER can’t change the semblance of the structure immediately, whereas you modify geometry properties. Please reopen the file.)

In order to change value, Please press ‘Apply’ button in the property view after changing values.