1.9.9 Released

Filter Command

Filter command tell elements from selected elements in the view by designating types and stories.

Window select

You can select multiple elements at once by enclosing visual objects in the view.

In 1.9.3 Fixed to change 3D graphics as you change geometric properties.

The application change 3D graphics immediately as you change geometric properties. For example, If you change a location property of an IfcLocalplacement, the application change a position of a structure like a column, a wall, and so on. And if you change a depth property of a IfcExtrudedAreaSolid of a column, the application lengthen or shorten the column.

In 1.9.3 Add options for the CSV export command.

You can designate a separate character (comma or tab) and quotation(“, ‘ or nil) by the option dialog.