1.9.4 Released.

1. New IFC file command.

Create a new IFC file.

2. Delete command.

Delete selected instances.

3. Add an Insntace command.

Create a new IFC instance. You can see the Add instance dialog. Select an entity type name and input the number of instances and press button ‘OK’.

4. Bug fixed to display IfcBooleanResult.

The application didn’t display the IfcBooleanResult (The IfcBooleanResult is base-type of IfcBooleanClippingResult. the application just had dealt with the latter.

5. Add a new building story command.

Add a new storey. Right-click IfcBuilding node to show the menu and click menu ‘Add storey’. In the Add Story dialog, input level and press button ‘OK’.

6. Fixed the problem for writing aggregate attributes.

The application had a problem to write aggregate attributes. In detail, The application incremented values of an array and saved.

7.Fixed to display the IFC entity type as camel cases.

The previous version of the application displayed the entity as lower cases. I noticed that the lowercase was difficult to read.

ifcwallstandardcase —> IfcWallStandardCase