Sample models are from ‘Open IFC Model Repository’ .(Very good site!)

BIM BEAVER use Icons of the icons8. (pretty good icons!).

BIM BEAVER is a BIM software that enables you to read IFC file, and display as 3D model in the viewer, and explore properties. You can inspect IFC files created by CAD such like Revit, Acrchicad, and so on. This software support IFC format 2×3, and 4. This software is Freeware. Please inform me if you have any problem or question about the software.

Feature list

  • Open IFC file.
  • Display in the 3D viewer.
    • Zoom selected item(1.6.1 New!)
    • Animation for viewing operation(1.6.1 New!)
  • Explore properties in the IFC file.
  • Show or Hide building elements.
  • Export as STL file.
  • Export as OBJ file.
  • Export as FBX file.
  • Save as Image file(*.png, *.gif, *.jpeg, *.bmp)
  • Quantity take off
    • Window
    • Door
    • Column
    • Slab
    • Wall
    • Beam
    • Footing
    • Reinforcing Bar
  • Export quantity as CSV file.


  • May 13th, 2019 Release BIM BEAVER(1.0)
  • May 25th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.1)
  • Jun 2th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.2)
  • Jun 9th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.3)
  • Jun 22th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.4)
  • Jun 28th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.5)
  • July 6th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.5.1)
  • July 23th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.6)
  • Aug 10th 2019 Update BIM BEAVER(1.6.1)