In 1.9.1 Fixed bugs.

The application had deleted the selected structure unintentionally when you pressed the delete button in the property window in the previous version.

In 1.9.0 Save IFC file command added.

You can save an IFC file that you opened and modified by clicking the ‘Save(S)’ or ‘SaveAs(A)’ command in the main ribbon bar. ( You can’t delete structures yet. Also, the BEAVER can’t change the semblance of the structure immediately, whereas you modify geometry properties. Please reopen the file.)

In order to change value, Please press ‘Apply’ button in the property view after changing values.

In 1.7.0, the “Search Command” added.

You can use the “Regular Expression” rule for keywords which mean more complex and powerful search expressions like “Wild card”.

You can also export the result of the search as a CSV file. Press the “ZOOM” button in the ribbon bar and switch to 3D view to zoom in on the highlighted structural element.